Friday, May 31, 2013

For Credit in This Class...

You must complete all eight (8) Google assignments correctly (a grade of 7 or higher).  
You must have a grade of at least 5 posted for every blog assignment.
Your combined total grade must be at least 70%.

If all of these conditions are not met you will get a "no grade" and zero (0) credit on your report card.

After today there are 13 school days left in this trimester.  We will have about 6 more assignments.

So far we've had 24 ten-point assignments, the fifty-point Codehs assignment and the fifty-point Fontstruct assignment.  The current point total is 340.  With 6 more ten-point assignments our final point total will be 400.  That means that you will have to have at least 280 points for a C-.

All assignments are on this blog.  Your grades for these assignments are at  It is your responsibility to finish each assignment.  If you finished an assignment late (after I originally graded that assignment) you might have a zero.  It is your responsibility to let me know that it is done and ready to be graded.

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