Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finish Programming with Karel

This Friday is the 30th day of the trimester.  Walk-around progress reports are next week.  Your grade will be based on the first 30 days of assignments.  The biggest assignment (worth the most points- 50) is "Programming with Karel."  All other assignments are worth 10 points each.

We will have some more new assignments this week.  Today you have more time to finish "Programming with Karel."

Monday, April 29, 2013

Assignment #17- Stranded

In this hypothetical situation you are stranded on a deserted island.  What 3 (school appropriate) things would you want to have with you?  These things can not be people (pets are OK).

Include a paragraph description (at least  3 sentences) of each choice and why.  Include a picture with each paragraph.  Links are not required but include them if they relate to your choice(s).

Minimum requirements:

Publish on your blog
3 different things (school appropriate).
1 paragraph (at least 3 complete sentences)
and 1 picture for each thing 
for a total of 3 paragraphs and 3 pictures

Friday, April 26, 2013

Finish all assignments.

There have been 8 Google Drive Assignments, 4 blog assignments, 2 email assignments, 1 multi-day Programming assignment (50 pts.) and 1 about.me assignment.

In order to get credit for this class you must finish all assignments.  This means every single assignment. It doesn't matter if you were absent, on a field trip, at girls group, in the nurses office, etc..  For credit in this class you must finish every assignment.

If your grade is less than 70% you will not earn credit.  If your grade is 70% or higher, but you haven't completed all of the assignments you will not earn credit.

The 16 assignments equal a total of 200 points.  So at this point, you need to have all assignments completed and at least 140 pts. (70%) to be on track to earn credit.

When you are given extra time to catch up on unfinished work like today, you must be working on unfinished work.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Typing, Linking and Adding Pictures

Creating a link in your post.

Select a word that you have typed.  Click on the link button and type or paste the web address of the site you are linking to.

Inserting a picture in your post.

After saving an image to the desktop of your computer, click on the insert image button to the right of the link button.  Upload the image that you want.  Finally, click add selected.

Writing paragraphs.

Do not indent the beginning of a paragraph.  Separate paragraphs by hitting the return key twice.  This will separate the paragraphs with a space.

Typing sentences in a paragraph.

Each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with end-punctuation [period (.), exclamation mark (!), question mark (?)].  There are always 2 spaces after every end punctuation.

The word I is always capitalized.

This includes any contraction made with the word I (I'm, I've, I'll).

Assignment # 16- Expertise

We all have certain things that we do well and other things that we might not be able to do at all.  The same goes for knowledge (not just academic knowledge).  I know a lot about beach volleyball, but know next to nothing about World of Warcraft.
My son and 3 time Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor.
This post is for you to show off your knowledge or expertise of a particular subject (hobby, interest, topic, etc.)  Describe in detail a topic of interest you know a lot about or a hobby or special skill that you are good at.
Volleyball Legend, Karch Kiraly

Describe the topic you choose in your own words.  Do not write the same information that can be found on the website/webpage that you link to.  The link is to give additional information about the topic. 
HB Pier where I've played for over 20 years.
Include at least 3 pictures
Include at least 1 link to a related website (webpage)
Minimum 200 words.
Minimum 4 paragraphs.  

Including a space between groups of sentences is how to separate paragraphs in your blog.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beach_volleyball

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Short Wednesday- April 24th

Finish any undone or incomplete assignments.  All assignments are worth 10 points except for #14-Programming with Karel (worth 50 pts.).

You can see your assignment grades on schoolloop.  If you have a zero for any assignment, then you either didn't do it, didn't share it, didn't post it or it is incomplete.  If you finished something after I posted grades but you grade shows as a zero let me know, and I will grade it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Assignment #15- My Dream Job/Career

Log in to your blogger account and write a new blog post.
Title the post  Assignment #15- My Dream Job.

Write about a job/career that you are interested in having.  Include reasons why you want that specific job/career and details about the job/career that make it interesting to you.

Must be at least 200 words.
Must be written in complete sentences.
Must be at least 4 paragraphs.
Include a general description of the job/career
Include a lot of reasons why you want to do this job/career
Include at least 2 pictures related to the job/career you write about.
Include at least 1 link to a related website.

When you finish this assignment go back and finish any Programming with Karel assignments that are not done.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Assignment #14 Programming with Karel

Tomorrow we will be starting the next section of codehs.  There are 24 different sections with the pencil icon and 5 sections with the star icon that must be completed to finish this section.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Assignment #14 Programming with Karel

Today is the second to the last class day that you will have to finish this section.  Tomorrow we will be on the field trip to OCC.  Next week is spring break.  When we return that following Monday you will have one more day to finish, and then we will be starting the next section

Basic Javascript and Graphics.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Assignment 14- Finish

Today you should be finishing section 1- Programming with Karel.

Some of you need to stay focused and finish the assigned work.  If you don't finish the work, then you won't get credit.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Assignment #14- continued- Programming with Karel

Today, you should be continuing the first section of codehs- Programming with Karel.  If you are not most of the way through section 1 by the end of class today, then you are technically behind.  We will be starting something new on Wednesday.

You need to be working on the assigned work during this class.  Those that fall behind do so generally because they do not use class time wisely.  This is not a talking class.  If you are behind, then you need to get caught up.  This means getting work done outside of class (homework) or being required to stay after school to finish your work.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Assignment #14- CodeHS

Today we are going to begin to learn basic programming.  Go to codehs.com.

You will register as a student the class code is

Period 1-   587D
Period 2-   84F4

We are working in the "Programming with Karel" section.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Assignment #13- My Favorite ...

This is a blog assignment.  Sign in to your blog and click on the orange pencil button and begin typing.
Write about something that interests you.  It could be your favorite band, your favorite food, your favorite movie, your favorite sport/sports team, your favorite artist, etc.

In this blog post you will include at least 200 words, grammatically correct sentences, at least 3 paragraphs, 2 pictures relating to your topic and at least one link to a related website.

Be sure to include your opinions about this topic.  Why is this thing your favorite?  In addition to your opinions, include many details about your topic (the thing-band, food, movie, artist, etc.).

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Assignment #12 Blog

If you have a google account sign in.
Click on the "MORE" tab to the right of the "CALENDAR" tab.
Click on "Blogger."

Create a blog.
Title the blog "Intro to Computers Yourlastname."
Choose the black "Awesome Inc." layout.
Click on the Orange Pencil button to create a post.
Title the post "Bio."
Write 3 complete sentences about yourself.
Proofread and edit those three sentences.
Click the Publish button.

Login to your about.me account.
We are going to link to this new blog from your about.me account.

Finally, if you haven't already done so, email me the address of your about.me page.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Assignment #11 About.me

Today you will be creating your own about.me webpage.  We will go over the specifics of what is required for your page in class.  If you are absent then you must see me so I can explain to you what needs to be done on this assignment.

When you have completed updating your background image, writing a 3 sentence bio and changing the fonts and colors, then email me the url (web address to your page).