Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Assignment #24 Typing

In today's society typing is a very important skill.  Some of you may have had a typing class where you learned the basics.  There are many online sites that provide exercises to improve your typing accuracy and speed.

1.)  Briefly describe (minimum 2 sentences) any classes or exercises you have done to be able to type.

2.)  Go here and do this typing test.  Screen capture (shift/apple/3) the results and post to your blog.

3.)  Then go to a search engine and find a free typing website that you think will help someone improve his/her typing skills.  Explore the site to see what it offers.  Write a short summary of the website (minimum 4 sentences) that includes a link to the website.

Title the blog post "Assignment #24 Typing"

Include at least 2 sentences about your typing education.
Include the JPEG of your results from the typing test.
Include the short summary (at least 4 sentences) of the typing website that you found.
Include a link to that website.

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