Thursday, April 25, 2013

Typing, Linking and Adding Pictures

Creating a link in your post.

Select a word that you have typed.  Click on the link button and type or paste the web address of the site you are linking to.

Inserting a picture in your post.

After saving an image to the desktop of your computer, click on the insert image button to the right of the link button.  Upload the image that you want.  Finally, click add selected.

Writing paragraphs.

Do not indent the beginning of a paragraph.  Separate paragraphs by hitting the return key twice.  This will separate the paragraphs with a space.

Typing sentences in a paragraph.

Each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with end-punctuation [period (.), exclamation mark (!), question mark (?)].  There are always 2 spaces after every end punctuation.

The word I is always capitalized.

This includes any contraction made with the word I (I'm, I've, I'll).

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