Friday, April 26, 2013

Finish all assignments.

There have been 8 Google Drive Assignments, 4 blog assignments, 2 email assignments, 1 multi-day Programming assignment (50 pts.) and 1 assignment.

In order to get credit for this class you must finish all assignments.  This means every single assignment. It doesn't matter if you were absent, on a field trip, at girls group, in the nurses office, etc..  For credit in this class you must finish every assignment.

If your grade is less than 70% you will not earn credit.  If your grade is 70% or higher, but you haven't completed all of the assignments you will not earn credit.

The 16 assignments equal a total of 200 points.  So at this point, you need to have all assignments completed and at least 140 pts. (70%) to be on track to earn credit.

When you are given extra time to catch up on unfinished work like today, you must be working on unfinished work.

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