Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Assignment #29 Use your brain

Today's Blog assignment will show in the Schoolloop gradebook as 10 pts.  For every problem you correctly complete (1-11) you will receive a point.  Problem #12 is worth 9 points.  You may collaborate with others to solve the problems.  If you do not do this assignment then you will get a 0 (zero).  If you do this assignment correctly then you could earn as much as 20 points which would be 10 pts extra credit.

Number each answer that you do in your blog post.  Fully explain your answers when necessary.

1.)  Using a tap or filled pool or a magical waterfall, a three gallon container and a five gallon container, can you measure exactly 4 gallons, you may empty the containers down the drain or on the ground or back into the pool?  Explain why or why not.  You can't guess or estimate.

2.)  Jack has three daughters and each has one brother. How many children does Jack have?

3.)  Three teachers were discussing how long they had been teaching.
Adam and Betty had been teaching for a total of 36 years.
Charleen and Betty had been teaching for a total of 22 years.
Charleen and Adam had been teaching for a total of 28 years.

How long had each been teaching?

4.)  At dawn on Monday a small gecko fell into a bucket that was 12 inches deep.
During the day it climbed up 3 inches, however, during the night it fell back 2 inches.

On what day did the small gecko finally manage to climb out of the bucket?

5.)  Which is larger, the number of seconds in a week or the number of minutes in a year? By how much?

6.)  If you were to spell out the numbers in full starting with one, (One, Two, Three, etc), how far would you have to go until you found the letter 'A'?

7.)  Last week I spent half of my money on a new jacket and then I spent half of that amount on some new trousers. I was left with $24.50. How much did I spend?

8.)  If I give you seven Fuji apples, you will then have five times as many as I would then have, however, if you give me seven Fuji apples, we will then both have the same number of Fuji apples. How many Fuji apples do I currently have?

9.)  An fire ant has six legs, a black spider has eight legs and a field mouse has four legs.  In my backyard zoo, I recently counted 612 legs which came from an equal number of each of these animals.

Can you identify how many animals there are in my zoo?

10.)  What would be the number you get if you divide 400 by 1/2 and add 7?

11.)  Which number is larger, the number of seconds in a day or the number hours in 10 years? By how much?

12.)  Go here.  It's the extra credit problem on the left side of the webpage.  Worth up to 9 points.

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