Monday, March 18, 2013

Assignment # 1- Email

After reading this entire post, Copy and paste the following sentences in red into the body of an email.  Title the email your first and last name.  After you have pasted the red sentences, type the sentence "I have read and understand what is expected of me in this class."

There are absolutely no food or drinks allowed in this class.  If you show up to class with a drink, then you have 2 options.  1) Put it on top of the cabinet next to the door (with the flag), and take it on your way out when class is over.  2) Put it in the trash.  (For first period)  If the bell rings and you are not inside the classroom, then you are tardy.  You must get a tardy slip from Joy.  

This class satisfies two graduation requirements (5 credits in applied skills and technology proficiency).  In order to earn all 5 credits and be technology proficient, you must complete all assignments.  This includes any assignments you missed because you were absent (for any reason).  If you do not finish all assignments you will have an incomplete and no credits on your report card.  All assignments will be listed on this blog and can be accessed from any computer (tablet, phone, etc.) with internet access.

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